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Sustainable Campus Planning

Western Wisconsin Technical College LaCrosse Campus (Western TC)
Western Wisconsin Technical College: 
Facilities Assessment, Master Planning, Cost Optimization
A Campus-Wide Building Performance Standard

Western Wisconsin Technical College set out to meet specific building design standards and achieve sustainability, while improving facilities, operations and managing lifecycle cost. This is a fair challenge and the subject of Intep's work.​


Western Wisconsin Technical College tapped Intep to create an existing campus buildings assessment in effort to build a standard that achieves sustainable ownership cost reduction. The standard dovetails with Vision 2020, the college’s strategic plan, which included robust environmental sustainability initiatives and a benchmark of eventual elimination of all of the college’s global warming emissions. Intep created a Campus-wide Buildings Classification System housing three tiers based on each building’s age, current condition and energy performance, value as an asset to the campus and other metrics. Building Standard Targets correspond with each tier, providing vital strategic direction rooted in fiscal, energy and environmental responsibility to the development cycle for Vision 2020. Strategies ranging from minimum maintenance and possible responsible deconstruction at the low end to aiming for heating and energy performance increases between 50-90% at the high end, Intep’s work became a tool for the college to make smart investments into the future.

Key Services Provided​
  • Sustainable master planning

  • Campus assessment and building classification

  • Target setting

Project Details
  • Client: Western Wisconsin Technical College

  • Project: 2010

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