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Intep Office Minneapolis (Corey Gaffer Photography)
About Us
Intep is the solution for those looking for true building performance beyond the status quo. We are not your standard architecture and consulting firm.
Intep understands the big picture. We are pragmatic in our approach and passionate about optimizing building performance. Our expertise can be applied to all building types with customized solutions. We want to form long-term relationships with progressive-minded clients who aim to surpass the limits of the traditional design and planning process.

Intep was founded in the years following the first energy crisis (1979) in Zurich, Switzerland. Intep USA was founded by Stephan Tanner in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2001. We have partner offices in Zurich and St. Gall in Switzerland, in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt in Germany, as well as Shanghai in China. You can find information about our global partner offices at For almost 40 years, we have leveraged our international network of 50+ expert staff professionals to provide a global client base with high performance real estate solutions.


We provide real estate consulting and architecture services for building owners and operators who aim to surpass the limits of the traditional design and planning process. Our solutions are feasible, sustainable, and holistic, resulting in improved building and facilities performance as well as lower life cycle costs. Our approach is based upon a deep understanding of building performance over its entire life cycle.

We offer clearly defined and transparent processes with a focus on optimizing the whole, e.g. a complete life cycle approach to real estate projects. Based on years of experience, we lead pioneer projects, which set new standards for sustainability and measurable performance.


Bringing Intep’s expertise to the table at project inception provides significant opportunities for life cycle cost savings and performance optimization. Clear performance targets and up-to-date life cycle cost information enable smart decision making to improve your bottom line at all phases of development, design and operation.

Our firm has a proven track record of delivering consulting, design and planning services such as:

Strategic Development
  • Carbon framework, action and implementation plans

  • Project-specific goal and target setting


Project Development
  • Life cycle cost analysis and optimization

  • High-performance building standard analysis, application and implementation


Architecture & Design
  • Energy modeling

  • Building science modeling including thermal bridging and hygrothermal analysis

  • High-performance building envelope design and optimization

  • High-performance building product specification and implementation

  • Standards certification: Passive House, PHIUS+, EnerPHit, Minergie-P Eco, 2000-Watt Society, GreenStar


Facility Management
We Hold Ourselves to Higher Standards

Our idealism fuels our drive to go above and beyond expectations. The standards we leverage and achieve for our clients lead to predictable performance and measurable results.


NetZero Energy/Plus Energy

NetZero energy balance, or surplus energy production:  Intep designed the first Plus Energy Passive House project in North America.

Passive House & PHIUS+

Building energy standards, which reduce the heating energy demand by up to 90% over conventional designs: Intep designed the first certified Passive House project in North America, as well as the first certified residential Passive House projects in the extreme climates of Minnesota & Wisconsin.

Minergie-P Eco

Cutting-edge energy consumption and environmental standard from Switzerland:  Intep lead the first Minergie-P Eco project certification in North America.

2000-Watt Society

The ultimate sustainability framework for buildings and related transportation on a global scale: Intep were the first consultant to incorporate 2000-Watt Society targets in a climate action framework for a leading North American city.

Architecture 2030 Challenge

Framework for architecture firms to design to carbon-neutrality by 2030: Intep are an early adopter of this standard and many of our designs have and are currently meeting, or exceeding 2030 targets.

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