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<strong>Waldsee BioHaus</strong> Concordia Language Village near Bemidji, MN - 2006. Southwest perspective—Fall 2011.<br />
<br />
Project: Architectural design, engineering and lifecycle analysis.<br />
<br />
First PHI quality approved Passive House in North America. The BioHaus is operating above the modeled performance for 4 out of the 5 years since construction was completed. <strong>Park Nicollet Health Services</strong> Park Nicollet Health Services, a large integrated care system, has a long-standing reputation for providing quality healthcare to patients in Minneapolis and surrounding communities. Park Nicollet Health Services operates more than 40 buildings with more than 20,000,000 SF.<br />
<br />
Intep consults with Park Nicollet Health Services on facility management, organizational structures, and on the development of an energy vision plan for their real estate. <strong>Western Technical College</strong> WTC consists of a main campus in La Crosse, Wisconsin, as well as additional regional Learning Centers throughout the state of Wisconsin. Its real estate portfolio includes university facilities covering a total area of approx. 861,000 SF.<br />
<br />
In addition to an evaluation of all properties, Western's Master Plan 2020 includes a maintenance and restoration strategy as well as an energy action plan aimed at reducing CO2-emissions by 50% by the year 2020.<br />
<br />
Leveraging our international expertise, Intep Minneapolis and Munich are collaborating to provide strategic consulting services for the management of WTC's real estate portfolio in support of the goal of the 2020 Master Plan. <strong>Rogers High School</strong> The new Rogers High School in Minnesota offers state-of-the-art class rooms and infrastructure. The school building includes a library, a cafeteria, sports facilities and staff rooms and has been designed based on Intep’s Sustainable Schools Guide.<br />
<br />
Intep was involved in the construction of the new Rogers High School building, providing sustainability consulting services including the target specifications, dynamic energy simulations and technical-economic controlling. <strong>Macalester College, St. Paul</strong> Macalester is one of the most renowned colleges in the United States, with approximately five thousand students and a focus on natural sciences and humanities. The new athletic center comprising a track and field arena, an indoor swimming pool, a basketball arena, and a gym offers future-proof sports facilities.<br />
<br />
Intep provided sustainability consulting services during the project development and planning stages. <strong>Redstone</strong><br />
For the past 26-years, Felix and Jasmin Schellenberg have owned Rafter 25 Ranch located in Redstone near Alexis Creek in the Chilcotin Region. The Schellenberg’s own & operate the Altherr Schellenberg Cattle Co. where they raise natural grass fed certified biodynamic organic beef, lamb and pork meats.<br />
<br />
The Schellenberg's decided to enter into a local "Pasture To Palette" Abattoir. <br />
<br />
Intep provided a Duty Book and strategic planning consulting for the development of the new Redstone abattoir. <strong>24th Street Passive House Projects</strong> Western Technical College is a key educational institution in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Under the umbrella of construction-related studies, Western frequently develops typical family homes to expose students to hands-on practice in the field. <br />
<br />
The 24th Street Passive House Project departs from standard construction and elevates both the built homes, as well as the educational content to high-performance building practices as set forth by the Passive House building energy standard and MN GreenStar.<br />
<br />
Intep provided architectural and engineering services, as well as lectures and workshops for students and the community. <strong>Vancouver</strong> The City of Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a long-standing contender for the title of most livable city in the world. As part of its commitment to quality of life, energy efficiency and reduction in CO2 have become major components in the City's vision for the future. <br />
<br />
Intep provided Vancouver with a Carbon Neutrality Policy Framework - a roadmap and standards for  high-rise residential buildings. This project was later followed up with a Framework Plan for Low and midrise residential buildings. <strong>Vancouver</strong> As a follow-up commission to the first Vancouver Framework Plan, Intep was commissioned to continue its work and write an Embodied Energy Benchmark Framework for Low to Mid Rise Residential Buildings in B.C.<br />
<strong>Ambulatory Care Center</strong>The University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Physicians and University of Minnesota Fairview Medical Center are collaborating to develop a new Ambulatory Care Center in Minneapolis. Intep was brought in to provide Facility Management Planning, Life Cycle Costing Analysis and Performance Targets for Design.
Intep Bio - Stephan Tanner

Stephan Tanner

Registered Architect, AIA
Stephan is a Swiss-born American architect with forty years of experience in high-performance real estate development, planning and design around the globe. His professional interest, combined with his passion for people, has led him to gain true international knowledge and local understanding. He is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and is recognized as one of the key leaders in sustainable design in the United States.

Stephan joined Intep Switzerland in 1996 and has been a principal at Intep Minneapolis since 2001. His consulting services include sustainability consulting for private real estate companies and public entities.
Intep Bio - Tim Eian

Tim Delhey Eian

Dipl.-Ing. Arch., Certified Passive House Consultant & Designer
Tim is a German-born and trained architectural engineer with over a decade of professional experience in innovative high-performance designs. He is passionate about holistic design solutions that deliver on all aspects of sustainability. In addition, Tim is a master carpenter, graduate of the technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, and one of the first professionals in North America to design a certified Passive House building.

Tim’s focus at Intep is on high-performance and sustainable building design, energy-modeling, and project analysis. His expertise spans from planning and ecological construction to inventory and process analysis, as well as site supervision.
Ready to create something beyond compare? We are seeking progressive clients with shovel-ready projects who value holistic designs, sound engineering and exceptional life cycle performance.
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